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Last game

on June 25, 2015

last game
We had our last softball game last night. The girls played really, really well on Monday. They hustled on the field, they hit the ball really well, it was a great game. Unfortunately I think everyone was a little tired last night.

last game 2

They played okay, but there was a lot of standing around on the field, not a lot of hustle. Caden did get a few outs at first! And Delaney almost caught a fly ball. The other team were some Hitters. They hit two balls into the outfield!

last game 3

The girls had so much fun this season! I was a little bummed the season was so short, and then they sent out a registration form for fall season. Perfect! It’s an 8 and under league so they use a pitching machine and do outs. I think it will be the perfect next step.

One response to “Last game

  1. Grammy says:

    Good job, my little Orioles!

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