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Chaos and Horses

on June 24, 2015

This summer I decided we were just going to stick with YMCA camps. No random camps that throw off our summer routine. The transition from school to summer was a little rocky as the girls adjusted to being a lot more active during the day, but overall it went well. Lights out at 9pm and we were good on that front. They packed their own snacks, and even helped me pack lunches. We found a ham and turkey that they liked so it wasn’t pb&j every day, I was feeling good.

And then we got to this week. Horse camp at Camp Christmas Tree! They have been beyond excited for this week, they finally get to ride horses on their own! But this camp is just different enough to throw us off our routine. A few more things to pack, forms to sign and return, buses to catch and wait for, family nights. They also will have two softball games this week and swimming lessons, plus we’re trying to water the new grass/sod. It’s a lot.

But, it’s only a week and they have so much fun at this camp, it’s completely worth it. I forgot all the activities they do! Horse riding is only one hour out of the day. They swim, they do archery, I heard them talking about building forts, and today for lunch they’re doing a cook out. Tomorrow is family night where I’ll meet their camp counselors and possibly even their horses (Skittles and Harley). So exciting!

2 responses to “Chaos and Horses

  1. Billy says:

    Hi, not sure if I’ve ever commented here. Anyway, I’m also a SMC to a 5 yrs daughter.
    That camp does sound like a lot of fun!

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