The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Patio time

on June 17, 2015


I should probably find an old picture of the deck, but it’s late, so just picture a deck with peeling paint that hid critters where the dirt is. That’s the before. This picture shows Step 1, after tearing off the deck last fall. I thought the mud would be a complete pain, but it really wasn’t bad. This picture was taken before all the weeds started to grow though, and those I hated. By the time the landscapers arrived I was very much ready for a change here.


Step 2. Paver patio installed! It’s great to have this area be usable again. I so missed having somewhere to sit and read my book while the girls played. The bummer is what you can only partially see. You can see the dirt in front of the patio, there is also a bunch of dirt to the left of the patio, where their equipment tore up the lawn. Understandable given what they had to do, but it hurts nonetheless. Thursday my dad is installing some sod around the patio, and hopefully this weekend we can finish the rest of the landscaping. Things need to be edged, and I need to plant the bed that’s to the right of the patio. I dug up all of the perennials that used to live there, so it’s just about putting everything back in a way that makes sense.

Hopefully final pictures coming Monday!

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