The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

We packed it in!

on June 15, 2015

My parents came up Wednesday evening to watch the girls softball game. As we were driving back to our house, we were discussing the weekend and our plans for the lake. My dad asked if we could come out Friday night? I said why not! I picked the girls up a little early on Friday, and we headed to the grocery store across the street to grab a quick dinner. Mashed potatoes and pizza for them, a salad for me. We got to the lake in time for a few golf cart rides, ice cream, and some relaxation.

lake 1

We wore Annie out. She did awesome this weekend! She’s one of the few dogs who does not wind herself into circles when on a tie out. She loved being in the house, minded the screen door, and only ran off once to chase a bunny. She even went on her first boat ride! And stuck her little paws in the lake. Once the water warms up a bit, we’ll get her life jacket on and see if she likes to swim. By Saturday night she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. She snuggled up to my dad and fell asleep with her head on his leg. She spent all day Sunday sleeping on my bed. Poor thing.

lake 2

There was a lot of this this weekend too. Both girls are so into reading right now. Caden got up first Saturday morning and headed to the screen porch to read her book. Delaney did the same thing Sunday morning. On the ride out Delaney read her book the whole way, and on the ride back Caden did the same. Choosing books over electronics? Yes please.

batting 1

After a lunch of grilled pizzas, we headed up to the softball fields for a little practice. My dad coached me all throughout my childhood, and my mom also played a lot of softball, so they were both excited to work with the girls on some of the fundamentals. Since my mom was pitching to them, I got a different perspective and could really help them with their swings.

batting 2

Delaney has a great batting stance. We worked on bringing her bat back a little, and not opening her chest so much towards the pitcher. Every time she got her stance just right, she got a hit.

batting 4

In the beginning of the season Caden was awesome at hitting, but I think she started overthinking things, so we went back to basics. Her timing was right on, but the bat was too close in. By the time she got the back out and back and then swung, it was too late. Bat back, booty out, and the girl was getting hit after hit.

batting 5

After softball my mom mixed up some pina coladas so we could have a little happy hour on the boat. While we were doing that, the girls got in some fishing. They caught a bunch of good sized crappies! My dad cleaned them and fried them up alongside some chicken/bacon/pineapple skewers for dinner. After dinner the girls wanted to go swimming. I said no, right as my mom said sure! At least they’re at the age where an adult doesn’t have to get in the water with them. It was overcast and cool (which worked to our advantage since no one was hot or sun burned) so they didn’t last long. After swimming it was finally time for s’mores and banana boats toasted over my perfect fire. I kept the fire going all day long, so by nighttime things had burned down to perfect coals. Perfect end to the perfect day.

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