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Life with identical twins

Finally Friday

on June 12, 2015

* I’m not sure if it’s the heat or if it’s getting adjusted to waking up earlier, but we are all exhausted. It doesn’t help that we made a run to the library on Tuesday, so the girls have a ton of books they want to read. I made sure the girls were in bed by 8:15 last night, but they were up until after 9:00 reading. I’m no better!

* Delaney was very nervous about her first day back at the YMCA. It really doesn’t seem to matter that her sister is there, they don’t spend any time together during the day (even though they’re in the same group). But every day someone else has shown up that they remember from last year, and they’ve made a few new friends as well, so they’re both excited to go every day. I asked if any new kids showed up yesterday and they said it was one girls very first day there. I asked if they showed her around and Caden said she introduced her to the other kids and sat next to her at lunch. She has the best heart.

* I’m finally getting back to cooking and we’ve all appreciated it. I roasted a chicken on Sunday, then made bone broth in the slow cooker. It was a chicken my mom bought from a coworkers farm, and because the giblets were included, it made the best bone broth I’ve ever made. I made chicken avocado soup with it last night and that was divine too. Tuesday I made shrimp fried rice and both girls ate two helpings! They’ve also been requesting scrambled eggs and bacon in the mornings. I think we were all ready to move on from the bland diet the stomach flu necessitated!

* The paver patio is in! And now the rest of the work begins. Because this was an expensive project, I had the professionals do part of it, and we’re finishing the rest. The equipment they used ripped up part of my lawn so we need to reseed, and we need to finish the landscaping around the patio. The patio looks nice, the rest will take some time. It rained all day Thursday, so I’ll try to get pictures this weekend.

* The new patio makes me want new patio furniture. The stuff I have now is a combination of the table from my first house (purchased 18 years ago) and hand me downs from my parents. I’m saying I’ll buy new next year, but we shall see if I can wait that long. If I find a good deal, it’s on.

One response to “Finally Friday

  1. Scott Grunst says:

    Erin, can you give me the chicken avocado soup recipe? Sounds really good.

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