The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Last day of school

on June 9, 2015

For reference, here’s the first day of first grade.

june 8

I thought it was a little silly to have school one day this week, but it actually worked out well. Last Friday they completely cleaned out their room, so today was just for fun. They played at the park, watched a movie, and had extra recess. Both girls are super ready for second grade and summertime!


My mom and I met my mom’s friend Sue for coffee Sunday morning and she was asking about my process for the morning photos. I keep my big camera downstairs on the coffee table so I can easily grab it as we walk out the garage. The girls know we’re going to take a picture, and will stand next to each other in the driveway. I try to coax a decent smile out of them, and then depending on time, we’ll take a few more silly. Yesterday morning they immediately did goofy grins after I got a smiling picture.


As they were walking across the street they both stopped and turned towards me and said “Fashion pose!”

ninja kick

Then “Ninja kick!” They know all my tricks!

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