The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Garage Sale!

on June 8, 2015

Every year our neighborhood does a huge garage sale. Every year I vaguely think about participating, and every year I get overwhelmed thinking about finding tables and pricing items and everything that goes along with having a garage sale. But, our neighbors across the street do the garage sale every year and this year she asked if I wanted to do one with her. Yes!

I left the multiples club a year ago, so I don’t have access to those sales to sell the girls’ clothes. I don’t have as many clothes to sell so it isn’t a huge deal and yet, what do you do with them? I also had a ton of household things that I was ready to purge. I tagged things Wednesday and Thursday and take 20 minutes to organize the clothes and we were ready for Friday morning!

The big neighborhood sale is Saturday, but we wanted to be out Friday as well. There were a few other people out Friday, so at least shoppers had a few sales to hit. The sun was shining, the kids were at school, and people were buying our stuff. It was a good day! But man, also exhausting. My neighbor wears a FitBit and she clocked 15,000 steps!

Saturday was another steady sale day for us. My neighbor has boys, I have girls, so we had most people covered kids clothes wise. We both sold a bunch of books and DVD’s, and a few household items as well. For what it’s worth, Friday garage sale shoppers are totally different than Saturday garage sale shoppers. Things that we were wondering why they didn’t sell Friday, sold right away Saturday. Also, girl moms shop totally different than boy moms. Girl moms pick through and buy one or two items, boy moms buy the whole table of shirts.

My kids were so excited about the garage sale. On Saturday I took them plus the neighbor boy to walk around and check out the other sales. Twenty families in the neighborhood had sales! It was a little chaotic. Also, people sell crazy things. It was interesting seeing what other people sold, gave me a few ideas for next year. Of course the girls found lots of treasures they wanted to buy and I only had to talk them out of a few things.

Overall, it was so much fun. I had a blast hanging out with my neighbor Pam. It did not suck to spend two days outside in the sunshine. I got rid of so much stuff! And I loved watching my kids shop and get so excited about their treasures. (Pam sold a ton of books. Every 10 minutes my kids would wander over to the book table and wander back with yet another book they wanted to buy. It was hilarious.)

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