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Pack Everything

on June 3, 2015

We are at t-minus four days until the last day of school. (We still go next Monday, I know, it makes no sense.) While I’m all – SUMMER YAY! My panic level is rising quickly about all of the shenanigans that go along with summer.

The girls will go to the YMCA again this summer which means two snacks, lunch, water bottle, swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen will need to get packed up every day, and then unpacked, washed and dried. The girls had to bring a snack every day for school this year, so at least I feel like we have a routine down there. The girls are good about packing their own snacks, and we have a solid variety of snacks that I know to buy and keep on hand that work well.

But lunch. I am so nervous about packing a lunch every day. Both girls love pb&j sandwiches, but I don’t want to send that every day. Luckily, we found a deli turkey at Whole Foods that they both love. Delaney has a hamburger/rice dish that she likes and that reheats well, and Caden loves the chicken and rice soup. I’m hoping if I can add in a few more hot lunch options, we’ll be set there. I had hoped the girls would be open to egg salad or chicken salad, but when I suggested those it was meet with a chorus of gross! so maybe not.

I also realized somewhat belatedly that our beloved after school nanny will no longer be around to clean up in the afternoons before we get home, or to empty out the girls backpacks and wash everything up. Those little things make my life so much easier, and it’s been so nice to come home to a clean kitchen. I definitely need to do a better job of cleaning up before we leave the house in the morning. The girls have been told they will need to pitch in and help significantly more than they do now. I’m hoping chore charts and some serious monetary rewards will be all the motivation they need.

I feel like last summer was rough and we just kind of muddled through. We didn’t hit the pool a ton, we didn’t do a lot of fun things around town, and we didn’t see our friends much. There were a lot of contributing factors to that, but I don’t want a repeat. I’m hoping if we can set up some solid systems, it will free us up to be able to have fun and not spend our entire evenings dealing with backpack shenanigans.

One response to “Pack Everything

  1. Laraf123 says:

    I totally get this. I’m on the opposite schedule. I do all those chores during the school year. And I hate the drudgery! (My boys don’t yet pack their own–gotta work on that.) The cleaning out/up at the end of the day is the worst. I hear you!

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