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Spring Flowers

on June 2, 2015

annie flower

I follow a few very adorable dogs on instagram, but my very favorite is Tuna. That dog puts a smile on my face every single time. I adore him and so do the girls. When Tuna partnered with BarkBox to raise money for rescue dogs, I knew it was time to order one up for Annabelle.

BarkBox is a monthly box of dog toys and treats. Annabelle can be hard on her toys, so this seemed like a good thing to sign up for. We got our first box a few weeks ago. Unfortunately Delaney tore into it before I could take any pictures, but Annie got some great stuff. One of the items is a flower bouquet. It sat to the side for a week while she worked on the rib bone that she got, but she suddenly found them and now they are her favorite. She looks a little crazed in this picture, but most of the time she will run around with the flower in her mouth and she looks like some sort of cartoon puppy, carrying a rose to her love.

One response to “Spring Flowers

  1. Grammy says:

    You have me hooked on Tuna, too. And he does make me smile with that silly overbite. But Annabelle wins the cute doggie contest hands down.

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