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First softball game!

on May 21, 2015

softball 1

The girls had their first softball game last night! They were both a little nervous and asked a lot of questions before the game. The rules are a little different for this league, so unfortunately, a lot of my answers were “We’ll have to wait and find out!”

softball 2

They play for an hour. Every girl bats each inning. Even though they don’t count three outs, if you’re out you’re still out. You get four pitches and if you haven’t gotten a hit at that point, they get the tee out. In the field, all the girls play as well so you end up with multiple girls playing each position (which is for the best).

softball 3

Since they look the same in a helmet, Caden is #52, Delaney is #51. Caden hit off the tee the first time, but got two hits after that! I was really proud of her. She hustled after the ball, even if it didn’t come right near her.

softball 4

Delaney’s swing was a little off, but I think she just needs more practice. I haven’t pitched to them in a while, but we will absolutely rectify that this weekend. She played first base for an inning and did awesome! She really wants to be in the position where she’s getting a lot of action which I love.

softball 5

Oh Caden. First, they ran out of socks so we will get our orange socks next week. Until then, grey and purple leopard it is. She was in position for every batter, so ready for the ball to come her way!

softball 6

We forgot their baseball hats! Next time. Delaney did a great job fielding as well. She hustled and got a ball, then threw it to third to get the out, but the girl playing third wasn’t quite at the base. At this age, there is just so much to teach them and with only an hour practice each week, they have to focus on certain things. The other team was better at hitting the pitches, but our team did a great job fielding and getting outs. It will be fun to watch the girls progress over the season.

3 responses to “First softball game!

  1. Grammy says:

    Coming from a baseball/softball loving family — love seeing those girls enjoying the game.

  2. Scott Grunst says:

    How exciting for you Erin! Enjoy this because it goes by so quickly.
    Great Grandma Lois would be right out there with them.

  3. Laraf123 says:

    I am very impressed! Great job, girls!

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