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Flowers v2015

on May 19, 2015

flowers 1

The last few years we’ve planted flowers with my parents. It’s a fun group activity, and more hands make the work go faster. This year I scaled back my pots considerably. I don’t have a deck to put them on, the backyard is still in upheaval, so it made sense to just do a few containers for when the patio is eventually complete. Since we weren’t planting as many flowers, and Saturday was the sunny day, we got it done just the three of us.

One of the best tweaks I’ve made to our process is to dump the dirt from the flowers next to the shed in the fall, rather than toting it to the back of the yard. It makes it so much easier to fill the pots up in the spring.

flowers 2

We filled the pots with wet leaves, then dirt, and then placed the flowers in each pot so we could see what should go where. One big flower, one trailing flower, one pop of color in each pot. It didn’t take long to get everything set up. The girls would dig a hole, the other would put in the fertilizer, and I would plant the flower.

flowers 3

For Mother’s Day the girls got me a flat of petunias. Once the main pots had their big flowers in them, I let the girls go to town with the petunias while I did the flower boxes. I have a million cute pots in the shed, so they were running back and forth, filling things with dirt, then planting the flowers. I love these moments of creative independence, watching which pots they pick, how they work together, how they arrange the flowers. They did an awesome job!

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