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Life with identical twins

It’s my birthday!

on May 18, 2015

Sunday morning I was awakened by two quiet little voices outside my door. Caden had requested streamers, tape, and a tray Saturday night, so I had an idea of what they would be up to. I dozed on and off as I heard them working together. At one point they were debating what they could make me for breakfast. Oatmeal? We can’t make that ourselves Caden. Toast? Fruit? At 7am they came in with huge smiles on their faces. The tray had a gluten free waffle, syrup, and a bowl of fruit (and my reflux meds because we don’t skip those). It was so adorable! And they were so proud of themselves. What a great way to wake up.

But the big surprise was yet to come! They had put streamers on my bedroom door. Somehow (they stacked a step stool on top of the dining room chair, I don’t even want to think about it) they got the streamers all the way to the top of my door and hung them to the floor. They did a really great job! I was blown away. It took them almost an hour to put all of that together, they put so much heart and effort into it. And then they let me sleep for another two hours while they played wii, which is just about the best present you can get.

The night before the three of us went out to dinner together. There’s a nearby restaurant that has a great gluten free menu that I’ve wanted to try. It’s a little more expensive, so a birthday dinner seemed like the perfect time to do it. It was us and the old people doing the early dinner thing! The girls were incredibly well behaved, I had a nice glass of wine, and once we completed their word searches and they could put the kid menus to the side, we had a really fun evening. We had an awesome waitress who treated the girls like adults which was also a bonus.

Sunday was supposed to be stormy, but somehow we had a break in the rain while my parents were up. We were able to get out and about and grab lunch, cupcakes, and a little Costco shopping. Such a great day!

One response to “It’s my birthday!

  1. Grammy says:

    Those two little girls know how to make an ordinary day special. So much love!!!

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