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Life with identical twins

I like it!

on April 28, 2015

Let’s start with Saturday morning, obedience training. We had watched Cesar 911 Friday night and while I know a lot of his techniques are controversial, one of the things he talked about really stuck with me. Annabelle is often so crazed and distracted when we are at class or practice at home, and when she’s in that state of mind, she can’t listen. I worked on keeping her calm, and not letting her get worked up and it worked! She did really well. Granted, we practiced much different things this time, but she aced those things. It was so nice to come out of that hour feeling good.

tball 1

We only had about 30 minutes at home before we had to head out to the t-ball training camp. As everyone was gathering Delaney looked at me and said “I think we’re the oldest kids here.” Yep, they were. But, I still think it will be very good for them. They are getting exposed to all of the basics which is good, since they have no idea how to even run bases!

tball 3

From the looks of things, the high school baseball coaches run the camp? They all seemed very official in their gear, and I liked that they are actual coaches. They warmed up, ran the bases, then split into groups. The girls hit balls off the tee in their first group. Both connected well, and I think with a few corrections they’ll have it down.

tball 4

In the next two groups they took ground balls, in the last group they had to catch the ball and throw it back. They are so nervous about catching the ball, that they don’t watch it into their glove. I think if we focus on ground balls, they can get that concept without being worried I’m going to bean them in the face.

As we drove home the car got quiet and Caden said “I liked that.” Ha! After that I’m not sure she stopped talking. Maybe at lunch when she wolfed down her quesadilla and with a smile said she wished her meal came with two? It was clear that even though she didn’t catch or throw the ball perfectly, she had a lot of fun. I’m hopeful that attitude continues throughout the summer.

gymnastics 1

Next up, gymnastics! They have improved so much this year! I’ve been really happy with our gym choice. I was a little surprised they did a spring show, but since my parents have never seen the girls do gymnastics, it seemed like a fun way to make that happen.

gymnastics 4

I really had no idea what to expect, but they ran through the basics on each apparatus. The beam was definitely the highlight for both girls. Delaney did her “routine” probably four times? Each time with a different dismount! It was super fun to watch.

gymnastics 5

After the show we grabbed some pizza and then honestly, I was quite done for the day (as was Delaney). We crashed on the couch and watched a little Nat Geo Wild until bedtime.

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