The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

New curtains

on April 27, 2015

tree house curtains 2

We packed in a lot of things this weekend! Saturday was a packed day. Obedience training, t-ball camp, yard work, then their gymnastics spring show. My parents got to see a little t-ball, and gymnastics. In between, my mom and the girls put up curtains in the tree house. They look so nice! It really makes things cozy. My mom also bought two little plastic chairs for them to sit on. She really, really wants to put a table in there, but there just isn’t any room. My dad took down the fake rock climbing wall that was on the back of the tree house and boarded it up. They really didn’t use it, and now they have shelves back there to store Annabelle’s toys.

tree house curtains

The girls spent a ton of time in their tree house all week, and then all day Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been hoping that it would be somewhere they could hang out, and it definitely is. With the gorgeous weather we spent most of the weekend outside. They were on their swings, in their hammock, up in the tree house, and all over the place. We even got in another bike ride on Sunday.

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