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Life with identical twins

All the things

on April 24, 2015

* I’m still incredibly sad about Grey’s Anatomy.

* The girls had their last night of gymnastics last night. The “Spring Show” is on Saturday and honestly, I have no idea what they’ll be doing! It’s supposed to be like a meet, but they haven’t been working on anything resembling a routine. I can only guess the coach will lead them through things like it’s a regular class? Anyway, they have both improved dramatically this year. It took us a while to find a coach that really challenged them, but we finally did. We’re taking the summer off to do t-ball and swimming lessons, and will start back up in the fall.

* I love Amazon Prime a crazy amount, but had never done the Subscribe & Save thing. There are a few things that we order fairly regularly, so I signed up for those only to realize if you have five subscriptions in your box you save 15%. Of course I found five things we need every three months, but now I’m trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of this service. I have a feeling I will add another item or two over time. Anyone else do Subscribe & Save? The Amazon Mom thing came about after the girls were out of diapers, so I never had a need for it. I’m kind of excited about this!

* Two weeks ago Delaney came home from school with a big bruise on her cheek. She had bonked heads with a girl during a game of freeze tag. Last night after warm ups, the girls came over to do the trampoline which is right in front of the parent area. Caden’s cheek was bright red. I gave her the “What happened?” look and she gave me the wide eyed “Tell you later!” look. She went down the tramp again and it was looking worse, so I pulled her over to the side. She bonked heads with her sister during the warm up game and now has a bruise in the exact same spot! Sometimes their twinness is a little too crazy. (Remember their chin stitches on opposite sides just a few months apart? That was super weird too.)

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