The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Piano Lessons

on April 22, 2015

I finally connected with the piano teacher and yep, she was right at the end of her lessons. She said she could have done lessons with them for six weeks, but they would likely forget everything over the summer so she suggested we wait until fall.

The girls are very into the piano right now. They play it almost daily, either playing random notes or trying to read their piano books. I really wanted to take advantage of that excitement so I decided to give them piano lessons until fall. I took piano lessons for years as a child, and according to my mother I was quite good. I’ve lost 90% of that, but I can handle the early stuff. Luckily, I bought them a few books for their birthday and they got a few as gifts, so they each have their own book to work through. Otherwise, I think the competition would be fierce!

I’m keeping lessons to 20 minutes or so, and not pushing practicing a ton. They practice once or twice a week and for now, that’s enough. We are slowly working our way through their books, and trying to keep the frustration on the low end. So far, so good.

An interesting note on the piano books. Of the three we have practiced from, one was very different from the others. It labeled the notes with numbers rather than the letters, and focused mostly on the black keys, rather than the white keys. I was so thrown by it that we set it aside and moved on to another book. Overall I like the books they’re working on now, and it’s interesting to see how the same skills play out in the two books, and how the girls pick up or struggle on different things.

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