The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 21, 2015


My parents came up on Saturday and we knocked out two quick, but big projects. First, a new back door! Let’s talk about my old door. At some point, one of the neighbor dogs put two paws through the screen and ripped it. It was uneven and you could see a solid half inch of light at the bottom. This spring the spring that closes it fell off, and the handle had to be tightened once a week in order to actually stay closed. It was sad.

This door! I have a screen I can open again! And a cute little doggy door. It may take Annabelle all summer to figure out the doggy door, but it’s there. (If you hold the flap up a bit she will go out, but she will not come in on her own.) I love it!


I was going to have the girls pose in the tree house, but then I realized you wouldn’t be able to see them. What I should have done was stand in there and had them take a picture of me, because we raised the roof up high enough that even I can stand up in it! I’m bummed we couldn’t make it bigger, but that would have been a major renovation. The girls are scheming with my mom to get curtains, and I think they may have been talking shelves with my dad. Can you see the hammock seat underneath? My dad figured out a way to hang it up high enough so that when you sit in it, your butt doesn’t hit the ground. The girls have already spent a lot of time in it. I think it will be their go to relaxation/alone time spot this summer.

One response to “Projects

  1. Grammy says:

    The in-progress curtains have fuschia flamingos and palm trees! It will be a tropical hideaway.

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