The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 20, 2015

bus stop 1

Realizing that Annabelle is a little wary of the big, bad world, I’ve been making an effort to get her out and about in smaller situations. When we call her name as we head outside she gets so excited! Thursday and Friday she came out to the bus stop with us. She’s seen the neighbor boys a few times and will let them pet her.

bus stop 2

Delaney requested that I pick her up from school with Annabelle so we tried that Friday afternoon. It didn’t go so well. Too many kids! I held her, but she was pretty overwhelmed. She had a steady stream of kids who wanted to pet her, and Delaney was thrilled to be able to show her off, so maybe we’ll try it again on a day I’m off work early.

bus stop 3

Obedience class Saturday morning did not go so well. I was off on Friday so Annie was out and about with me all day. We went for a run, she spent a good amount of time in the backyard, and did bus stop and parent pick up. She was a tired doggy. She did okay for the first half, but by the second half she wouldn’t even sit, she just stared at us. The teacher came over and we talked and she said Annie was overwhelmed. There are two older dogs in the class who are pretty chill, and I may try to go near them next week. I think she would do better there than by the two hyper puppies we are in between now. If that doesn’t work, we’ll just have to keep working on things at home.

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