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Our Village

on April 17, 2015

Before school started I went on the hunt for an after school babysitter that could get the girls off the bus every day. I knew from last year that picking them up from the after care place at school made our evenings rushed and difficult. I put out the word to everyone I knew and emailed every possible candidate I could find on School start came and went and still I hadn’t found anyone! Luckily, work was slow and I was able to come home early every day and get them off the bus. Everyone told me to give up my search and just sign them up for the after care place, but I knew that the perfect person was out there, I just had to find them. Towards the end of September I found Amanda, breathed a sigh of relief, and crossed my fingers things would work out.

Amanda has been an absolute god send to our family. She gets to our house early and lets Annabelle out. I never worry if she’ll be there on time, because I know she’s always there 30 minutes before the bus arrives. She knows my rules and makes sure the girls eat decent snacks and get their homework done before the tv comes on. She’s taught them how to play Clue, Sorry, and a bunch of card games, and has been outside with them every night this week while they’re on the bikes.

But the best part? She’s a cleaner and an organizer. I come home to backpacks hung up, folders set out for me to go through, mail stacked neatly, and lunch boxes washed and dried. She even empties the dishwasher and washes our breakfast dishes if I don’t get to them! When gymnastics were on Monday nights she cooked them dinner!

Thursdays are my work from home days so she doesn’t come, and I feel the pain every Thursday. The girls dump their backpacks, coats are thrown on the floor, and I forget about lunch boxes until bedtime. I miss her! Woe is me this summer when I have to deal with all of this every evening.

As I get further into this single, working parent game, I’ve realized that the key to having any sort of balance or sanity, is to surround yourself with people who can fill in the gaps that you need. Having a clean, organized house is key to my sanity. When I was interviewing I didn’t even think to look for someone who would enthusiastically make that happen for us, but I am forever grateful that I found someone who does.

One response to “Our Village

  1. Obernon says:

    So true!! It is amazing how that kind of stuff improves life so much!! Glad you found the perfect person for your family!

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