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No more training wheels!

on April 14, 2015



On Saturday my brother and sister-in-law dropped off my niece for a Disney on Ice Frozen sleepover. My brother was chatting with the girls and he said “You need to get rid of those training wheels!” Ugh. He’s right. We really need to work on it, but when we tried last spring it was a disaster, so I was not looking forward to doing it again. On Sunday Delaney wanted to ride bike so I said “Should we take off your training wheels?” She was in and five minutes later they were off. A year makes such a difference. She’s stronger now and more confident, and fairly quickly she was able to pedal on her own. Very wobbly, but we made it back and forth on the street a few times with her going farther and farther on her own each time! She was elated!

Caden decided to take a turn next. She was a little more wobbly than her sister, but also got the hang of it fairly quickly. She got fairly frustrated because the bike was all over the place, but she really wanted to keep trying until she got the hang of it.

We were out there again last night, going back and forth in front of our house. They are getting so good! And the pure joy on their face that they are mastering this is so fun to see. Caden kept doing these little jumps into the air and Delaney just grins. They are not yet steady enough for me to let them go on their own, so I’m sprinting back and forth with them. I have no idea how we’ll tackle a bike ride with the three of us unless I run, so for now I’m happy that they are willing to stay close to home.

2 responses to “No more training wheels!

  1. Grammy says:


  2. Laraf123 says:

    Oh yes–even 6 months makes a big difference at this age. So excited for your girls! Within weeks, they’ll be pros and the 3 of you will be taking long rides!

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