The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Spring Weekends

on April 13, 2015

I love spring weekends. Once summer hits we seem to have plans every weekend, but springtime is free! We did a ton of stuff this weekend, mostly because we had time to and I kept thinking – why not do that?! It felt good to be productive and spontaneous and to be able to say yes.

Saturday morning we headed out of the house to Annabelle’s first dog obedience class. Our class is definitely a mix of big dogs, little dogs, puppies, and older dogs who really could not care less about any of this. (Of course there was a Lucy in our class. She’s a yellow lab and was adorable, though crazy barky.)

Annabelle hasn’t been super socialized, so upon seeing all of these dogs in one room she took one look at me and jumped up into my arms. Despite several other tiny dogs, I was the only one HOLDING their dog. Not a super great start.

Overall, she did okay. She is all about performing for treats, but this will definitely require a lot of work outside of class as well. It was also difficult because Caden and Delaney both wanted to be training her too, and she was a little confused when we all shouted Sit! at her. We’re a work in progress.


After class we came home and started in on a little yard work. Last fall the leaf guy never made it to my house before the snow arrived, and I’ve been staring at piles and piles of leaves for long enough. I raked and the girls loaded up the wheel barrow. They were enthusiastic helpers at first, but got tired quickly. They hung in there though, and it only took us about an hour to clear the yard of most of the leaves. I came back later and bagged the lawn with the lawnmower to pick up the rest. A clean lawn makes me so happy!

After lunch we went on a bike ride around the circle. Delaney was in the lead, Caden was actually pedaling and keeping up, it was bliss. I was thinking to myself how much I love lazy Saturdays like this, and how awesome it is to have happy bike rides rather than the stress inducing ones of yesteryear. The second trip around Caden was in the lead. We were rounding the (rather) tight last corner back onto our street. Her bike started leaning and she went down. Did I mention my car keys were in her bike basket? And they tumbled perfectly into the storm drain? I could not believe it. I looked everywhere on the street but they were nowhere, so obviously they were in the drain. I told the girls to ride their bikes home and I lay down on the ground staring into the drain trying to figure out how I was going to get my keys out when I couldn’t even see them!

This is a fairly busy corner, and a guy at the stoplight asked if I lost something. When I told him my keys he whipped around, parked, and came to help me. Unbelievable! He was able to lift the storm drain cover off (I couldn’t budge it) so we could get at things. I was about to shove my hand into the water when he said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Point taken! I grabbed a stick and seriously, within five seconds I had hooked the leather cord on my key chain. (Thank you daycare for cute crafts that save the day!) I could not believe it. I thanked the guy a million times and biked home.

Delaney was outside, but Caden was nowhere to be found. Delaney quickly told me that Caden decided she needed to be punished and sent herself to her room. Awww. I told her she wasn’t in trouble, but that we were all very lucky. That could have gone the other way so easily.

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