The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I Can and I Will

on April 8, 2015

Today is a new day. On the Whole30 Days 6 and 7 are when all you want to do is take a nap. And that’s exactly where I was. It helped to get on Instagram last night and see others going through the exact same things I’m going through. I’ll admit, quitting would be easy and I’m sure everyone would nod their head and think that that was the right thing to do. But, I’m not going to. At least not yet.

I did spend some serious time thinking about what I’m doing and why and if this is crazy pants. The truth is, I love sugar and pancakes and gluten free bread and cereal! But I don’t feel well after I eat those things. I think I need 30 days away from all of that to reprogram my go to foods. I’m also loving all the veggies I’m eating. So for those reasons, I think the Whole30 is where I need to be right now.

And even though my mom says I have crazy willpower I’m not so sure. With some things? Yes. With others, not so much. But, I’m hoping 30 days of building better habits will help with all of that as well.

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