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Whole30 Round 2

on April 7, 2015

Quite honestly, end of day six is probably not when I should be writing and publishing this post, but oh well! I’m doing another Whole30. I know the last round didn’t end well and after that I told everyone I would never do another one of these ever again, but here I am!

I was telling a coworker I really need to figure out why I’m doing this, because the urge to quit is strong. I started out doing this because I’ve seen other people doing them and it all seemed so low key. Plus if that person could do all 30 days, surely I could too right? I also felt like I needed a reset before summer. Those reasons don’t seem so great tonight. This weekend I was thinking I was doing it to try to find some new recipes and get out of my food rut, but I’m sure I could find a different, easier way to do that. So I don’t know, right now I’m taking it day by day.

A few things are different this time around. I have a solid coffee replacement. I like bulletproof coffee (I use coconut oil) and really like blending coffee with coconut milk and a little cinnamon. That has been huge. I’m also meal planning a lot smarter this time around. I know which dinners will create lunch leftovers, and I’m planning meals that are easy to make. When you’re cooking three meals a day every day, you have to catch breaks where you can.

Last time I made it to Day 18. Can I make it farther this round? I think I’d like to. I can tell my body has been relying on carbs a lot (otherwise I wouldn’t be this exhausted), and it would be good to break that reliance and find that awesome energy others talk about.

If you’re on Instagram that’s where I’m documenting some of my meals and talking about the ups and downs of this.

Day 1 – Feeling good. It was business as usual.
Breakfast – Eggs, spinach, pork sausage. Bulletproof coffee
Lunch – Chipotle salad bowl with carnitas and guac
Dinner – Turkey, bacon, avocado sliders with sweet potato bun and oven roasted asparagus. These were insanely good! They will definitely make an appearance again.

Day 2 – Bit of an urge to snack since I was home all day.
Breakfast – Eggs, spinach, pork sausage. Bulletproof coffee
Lunch – Salad with proscuitto, eggs, carrots, chicken, tomato. Homemade balsamic vinegar dressing
Dinner – Chicken Thighs with broccoli, roasted fingerling potatoes

Day 3 –
Breakfast – Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, pork sausage. Coffee blended with coconut milk. I’ve tried just stirring the coconut milk in and it doesn’t work, way better if you blend it.
Lunch – Leftover chicken thighs with broccoli
Dinner – Shrimp over zoodles in avocado cream sauce, roast asparagus.

Day 4 –
Breakfast – Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, pork sausage. Bulletproof coffee. Blueberries.
Lunch – Big salad with Tessamae’s dressing
Dinner – Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, roast carrots
We ate dinner early so I made a chia pudding that night. I wanted something with some fruit in it, chia seeds (because I miss them) and some good fats so I blended a banana, strawberries, 1/4 cup coconut milk and 2 T chia seeds together. It was more porridge than pudding, but was exactly what my body needed.

Day 5 – Super tired today. I also wanted to eat all the things. Cinnamon rolls, chocolate, jelly beans.
Breakfast – Sweet potato egg nests, pork sausage, blueberries/pecans/cashew butter
Lunch – Egg salad over greens, sauteed zucchini. Definitely not enough fat in this meal, but I finally bought some avocado oil and made mayo with it – divine! Can’t wait to use it on everything.
Dinner – Steak, Brussel sprouts with bacon, sweet potato rounds

Day 6 – Tired again.
Breakfast – Noatmeal. I needed a break from eggs, but this can’t be it. It wasn’t enough breakfast for me and I was starving by 10:30am.
Lunch – Spaghetti squash with ground beef and marinara sauce (Kirklands organic, it was delish!)
Dinner – Chicken, zucchini, mushroom stir fry with roasted sweet potatoes

5 responses to “Whole30 Round 2

  1. Grammy says:

    You have so much willpower! I feel healthier just reading this post.

  2. Laura Case says:

    Can I play devil’s advocate here? Or rather, reflect back what I am hearing? Your goals:

    – get more energy
    – find new foods and meals you like that are healthy
    – reset before summer

    Could it be that Whole30 is not the right program to accomplish those goals? Because obsessive label reading, recipe researching, and constant cooking clean up DECREASE your energy? Just reading your list above makes me exhausted thinking about all the prep work, cooking, and cleaning. And you’re a single mom!! And also – dairy and gluten are *already* out for you, so what is causing your lack of energy?

    I only say all of this because I was in the same boat, not enough energy, not sure what the problems were. I decided to take out one item at a time, and removing those items forced me to look at new menu plans. I never thought eggs would be the issue but they were.

    If it doesn’t work for you, you can do it your own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I highly recommend the Against All Grain cookbooks and Nom Nom Paleo. We eat AAG’s crockpot chipotle barbacoa every week! I eat it in salads or over rice or on tortilla chips. And her roasted sweet potatoes with bacon, YUM! Oh and then I made a spreadsheet cross referencing all the recipes I want to try against cookbooks and I pull out the list when meal planning)

  3. Scott Grunst says:

    You might consider getting a Nutri-Bullet blender for breakfast. It blends the entire food, not just a juicer.
    I start every morning with this:
    Apple juice, non sweetened almond milk, blue berries, banana, Chia seed (very important, gives you fiber and a filling sensation), avocado, celery, kale, spinach, sun flower sprouts.
    Now this tastes great and you will get hungry around 3 hours later, but you have just ingested a full days worth of good “green” food.
    Now it is time for a good salad for lunch.
    Dinner is protein time and let yourself splurge with whatever makes you happy.
    Eggs are for the weekend and Sunday is time for spoiling.
    Your tiredness maybe because of the heavy foods you are eating during the day.
    Of course I don’t have to young precious babies to consider, but this is for you.

    • Erin says:

      That breakfast smoothie is tempting, but I could never make it through the day on that breakfast and lunch. I need my protein! (Although I do share your love for chia seeds, I just put them in my oatmeal.)

      I’m expecting healthy things from you when 4th of July rolls around!

  4. Scott Grunst says:

    Healthy food and 4th of July don’t mix too well, especially with Dr. Jeffery’s recipes.

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