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Happy Easter!

on April 6, 2015

easter 1

This year for Easter we headed down to my grandpa’s house to dye eggs. The girls were very into it. Lots of planning as to what color to do, what color they hadn’t done yet.

easter 2

We doubled up the dye tablets and it turned out perfectly! Nice, deep colors. The pink was HOT pink and the green was NEON. I was super happy. We somehow got a crazy dark purple as well. There were four tablets at the end and we weren’t sure which two were the same so we guessed (I overruled Jeff, he’s color blind so I should get the final say right?).

We had one extra dye kit and Delaney begged and begged to do more eggs on Sunday, but since I’m the only one that eats hard boiled eggs I said no. She did not understand. She kept thinking we just dyed the eggs so they looked pretty, and wouldn’t accept my answer that I’m not eating more than a dozen this week.

easter 3

For dinner we roasted a chicken, carrots, and made mashed potatoes and gravy. I picked up premade dinner rolls and a pie from Trader Joe’s. We roast a chicken once a month, and this dinner never gets old for me. So good, such comfort food, and it made my grandpa really happy which made me happy. Doing things like this always make me wish I could cook for him more.

easter 4

Last week Caden asked if the Easter bunny would be doing a treasure hunt this year? I guess he could? He hid Cadbury cream eggs along with the clues, and their baskets were also hidden. It is always so hard to get decent Easter pictures in our house because there just is no light! The girls loved the treasure hunt, and ate a good portion of their candy already. They also got two books each in their baskets. In past years I’ve gotten them swim suits or goggles, but they have all of that so books it was.

Church was at 11:00 which is always so dangerous. You think you have alllll morning to get ready and yet we ran into church two minutes before the service started. We had to sit in the balcony, but it didn’t matter since we could see really well. After church we changed clothes, ate some lunch, and then per Delaney’s request went bowling. It wasn’t our normal Easter anyway, so why not? At least the day was nice enough that they could play outside in the afternoon.

3 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Obernon says:

    Sounds wonderful!! Just found your blog! I love to hear about other SMC’s lives!

  2. Grammy says:

    Thank you again for taking care of Papa Dood this year. I can see by his smile that you made this a Happy Easter for him.

  3. Laraf123 says:

    I love the deep colors on the eggs. Never thought of using two tablets! (My kids wont eat hardboiled eggs either. I must have three pounds of egg salad now. What am I supposed to do with that?!)

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