The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Anna Banana

on April 1, 2015

Two quick Annabelle stories.

Monday night we took her out for a walk. We were halfway around our circle when we walked past a really big, barky dog. She started prancing a bit, and then came over to me, and jumped up with her paws in the air for me to pick her up. Someone was a scaredy cat. I carried her for a little ways until we were past the dog, then made her walk again. Towards the end Delaney picked her up and carried her and she had a look of smug happiness on her face. Girl knows how to get what she needs.


Since it’s spring break, the babysitter doesn’t come in the afternoon to let her out. Monday evening we got home late and there were issues, so last night I came home a little early to let her out of her crate. She was so excited to see me! We went outside so she could do her business but she wouldn’t leave my side. She kept jumping in the air until I finally caught her and snuggled her. She makes me laugh. Such a snuggle bug.

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