The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A List

on March 26, 2015

Tuesday night I headed upstairs to go to bed and thought “Is that voices I hear?” Why yes it was. What time was it? 10:23pm. Once the girls go to bed I leave them be. For the most part they chat and read their books, and fall asleep somewhere between 9 and 9:30. That’s fine with me. But 10:23pm? Oh no. I separated them – the ultimate consequence, they hate sleeping alone – and told them there would be further consequences in the morning.

As I got ready for bed I knew exactly what the consequence would be. A list of chores to keep them busy all morning. No tv isn’t really a consequence, they’ll just play together, they don’t need the tv. But chores would be a win for everyone!

I got up a little before 7:00am, threw on my workout clothes, then went to the kitchen to make a list of chores. I listed all the chores I could think of that I thought they could do on their own. Then I threw the lights on in their room, and woke them up extra early.

Upon hearing the plan, Caden took one look at the list, saw the first item was ‘Get dressed’ and headed back to their room to find clothes. Delaney threw herself on the couch moaning and groaning about how early it was. When Caden came back out she asked me “How do we know if we’ve done a chore?” I told her to cross them off, but some of them would need to be done by both of them. She said “I will make a C in a square and a D in a square and we can check them off. Then she started in on the next task. As I told this story to my coworker she laughed and said “She really is your mini me isn’t she?” Ha! Yes, she is.

When Delaney came back to the living room she wanted to work the list in her own order. Caden was having none of this and forced her to do the chores as they were listed so she wouldn’t be ahead of her. This totally highlights both of their personalities so well. Caden is very organized, very responsible, follows the rules, and goes in a straight line. Delaney is a bit more roundabout and creative. They both get the job done, and work best as a team.

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