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Another Plan towards eating more vegetables

on March 25, 2015

I’ve tried a few different ways to get the girls to eat more vegetables. I tried introducing a new vegetable each week and making it a variety of different ways. We quickly burned out on that because there seemed to be a lot of waste, and it was just too much cooking. Last year the girls made a list of new foods they wanted to try. The plan there was to have a few bites of the new food each night, to hopefully safely introduce the girls to new flavors. We did fairly well with that until summertime I think? And then life got in the way and I completely forgot about it.

Last week I was watching the pilot episode of Dinner at Tiffani’s (love, love, love the show!) and they were talking about foods they hated eating growing up, but loved now (brussel sprouts!). Nathan Fillion commented that as a kid he could have 3 foods on his Do Not Have to Eat list. If that food was served, he didn’t have to eat it. The foods on his lists could change, after dinner, which meant that if carrots were served he couldn’t quickly change his list so he didn’t have to eat them.

One of the time honored issues we seem to have is that I either make something the girls want to eat, or I make something I want to eat. Any sort of vegetable beyond edamame or corn fall under the “something I want to eat” category. I’ll be honest, a lot of nights I just don’t have the time or energy to pull together a main dish and a vegetable side, but on the occasions I do, it’s always slightly soul crushing to have the girls moan, groan and argue and never eat a bite of it. The list seemed like the perfect idea!

They made their lists Monday night. Delaney has broccoli soup (served it Sunday night!), asparagus, and brussel sprouts. Caden has broccoli, asparagus and brussel sprouts. Monday we had steak and roasted sweet potatoes. It was nice because I put a small portion of sweet potatoes on their plate and they knew they had to eat it. Delaney even took a second helping! Tuesday night I made a ham, potato, and asparagus hash and since asparagus was on both of their lists, I picked it out. No arguments! They did have to eat their potatoes, but they both did that willingly.

I’m going to do another Whole30 in April, which means vegetables at every meal. I’m not looking to branch out and try a ton of new recipes, but I am hoping that seeing vegetables a lot more often will have a positive effect on the vegetables they like and eat. And, I’m hoping that the list lives on for more than just a month.

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