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Writing Samples

on March 24, 2015

At parent teacher conferences last week both teachers showed me some writing work that the girls had done. They started out writing all the things they are experts on. Caden said she was an expert at paying which made me laugh. She rocks the checkout at Target that’s for sure.

Caden chose her love of reading and Delaney chose dogs. They brainstormed words they thought of when they thought of that topic, then grouped those ideas. They did a rough draft of their little essay, then thought of exciting beginning and ending sentences. Then they rewrote it using all of the planning work they’d done. I have no idea how quickly this all came together, but it was so cool to see the process! I’ve been doing parent/teacher conferences since they were two years old and it’s so fun to really see their little brains working in this way now.

Delaney’s essay didn’t come home with me, but here is Caden’s.

Do you like to read? Insted of buying a book writ a book. Swish gose the pages! We can donat books to charitys. We can read in head or out loud. I like to read books like fly guy, farisryrs, pands and anmls. Then all can get books back that we donatid. You can read picher or chapter books. I love to read! Reading is fun! Finally we can read books anywhere or anytime. Everyone loves to read! What kind of book do you like?

2 responses to “Writing Samples

  1. Grammy says:

    Amazing thought process and use of words for a first grader! The love of reading is pretty powerful.

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