The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Another Week

on March 23, 2015

I’m tempted to not even write about our weekend. We really had no plans, which isn’t good in the spring time when we all want to get out and about. By Sunday afternoon we were driving each other a little bonkers, but we made it through!

I worked from home again on Friday because there was no school, and kicked them outside after lunch. They played outside for about six hours which was amazing! Because from there on, it got colder and colder.

I tried to pull together a playdate for Saturday but no dice. Instead we hit up the cheap movie theater for Paddington. It was cute. For dinner we fried up some sunfish from our Lake Mary fishing last summer. It was so good! I kind of winged it with some cornmeal, rice flour, and a ton of spices. Everyone loved it!

Saturday evening Delaney started complaining that her throat hurt, and right then I knew our Sunday was hosed. Sunday morning I took one look at her tonsils and bundled everyone up for Urgent Care. Luckily there was little to not wait and we were home quickly with another box of popsicles. Out went our plans for church, the library, and a trip to Menards to figure out a new back screen door. Instead we hit the couch and watched Nat Geo Wild shows on On Demand. God bless Dr. Pol.

I love a good homebody weekend in the wintertime, but it’s spring and I’m ready to get out and be social! Unfortunately, I waited too long to make plans. Next weekend, I will do better!

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