The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 20, 2015

Last week Delaney was up most nights coughing. Actually, she wasn’t awake, she slept through the coughing, but I was up. Sunday Caden got strep throat, and Monday I got a sinus infection. I worked from home Monday and Tuesday, went to work on Wednesday and sat in meetings all day dreaming about falling asleep on the floor. Yesterday morning I actually pulled my calendar up twice just to see what day it was. Thursday? Somehow, it didn’t compute.

To mess up our week further, I had parent teacher conferences Thursday after school, so I asked the babysitter to get the girls off the bus. Normally I get them off the bus on Thursdays because I work from home, but the girls don’t have school on Friday, so it was easy to switch days. Conferences went great! The girls are doing awesome, their reading and math skills are really improving. No one is having any friend issues, so hopefully these last few months of first grade will be filled with awesome.

I came home, made a light dinner (frozen waffles for the win), and settled in to a little March Madness basketball. We were all on the couch watching tv when my dad called. He asked how gymnastics went and Delaney yelled “MOM! You forgot about gymnastics!”

You guys. It didn’t even enter my mind. This wasn’t a normal Thursday! It wasn’t a normal week. I COMPLETELY forgot about gymnastics. I can’t even believe I did that. I’ve never just completely forgotten something like this. I laughed, but I’m so mad at myself! First, gymnastics are expensive. Second, the girls are really starting to get better and now we missed a week.

This sinus infection really kicked my butt. At least it’s Friday, and we have the weekend to pull it together.

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