The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Hanging Out

on March 19, 2015

rope 1

Our bus stop is literally across the street from our house. This is insanely convenient. Our mornings would be a lot more hectic if I had to drive the girls to meet the bus. Many a morning this winter we walked outside just in time to see the bus turning onto our street. Our bus driver is on time every morning which is amazing. I had it down to a science as to when we needed to be downstairs and at what time we needed to get outside.

rope 2

Now that the weather is nicer we head out a little earlier. Partly to enjoy the weather and partly because the bus arrives even earlier now that there is no snow on the roads. We do not want to miss the bus! Luckily our neighbors have this rope swing hanging from a big tree in their front yard. The girls drop their backpacks and run for it immediately.

rope 3

Last year they couldn’t do much except hang from it. This year they’ve figured out how to use the knots and their legs to get them up higher. A little swinging, a little climbing, the bus arrives and everyone is on their way.

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