The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Happy Girl

on March 17, 2015

Spring is always such a tough time for us. The weather is finally getting nice, but it never fails that the girls get sick. As we were driving home on Sunday Caden said her throat hurt, by the time we got home she was running a 101.1 fever. I knew it was strep, but it was too late to go anywhere so we waited until Monday morning and got into the pediatrician. While we were there I had them listen to Delaney’s lungs since she’s been coughing a ton. Luckily it isn’t anything serious, and some otc cough medicine will do the trick. I’m headed to the doctor today for what I suspect is another sinus infection. A sniffly nose Sunday evening turned into a head that felt like it was going to explode by Monday evening. Yay.


But you know who is excited about spring? This girl! She is outside nonstop. She cannot get enough of the warmer weather. She’s chasing birds, chasing bunnies, chasing the neighbor dogs, and chasing nothing. She’s so happy to be able to get some exercise and get out of the house! The girls love it because by bedtime she’s exhausted and happily climbs in bed with them. She’s also slimming down a tiny bit which makes me happy. Tiny dogs man. It’s a fine line between slender and sausage.

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