The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 16, 2015

The weather has stayed solidly in the upper 50’s and 60’s around here, and as I told a coworker, it makes me think all things are possible! I think if you don’t have kids, maybe the snow and cold doesn’t matter as much in regards to running errands but for me, when it’s cold and gets dark out early, it’s just so much harder to get things done. Having it stay light later, and no one has to have snow boots, hats, and mittens on every time we leave the house? YES!

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find a good gluten free donut. I love donuts and so do the girls, and I’d love to find a coffee shop that serves good donuts that we can all eat. A nice little Saturday outing you know? Last weekend we headed to a coffee shop in the hipster part of town, only to find out they were sold out. This weekend we tried a different coffee shop and I made sure to call ahead. They did indeed have a gluten free donut. It was wrapped in plastic wrap and had clearly been sitting there all week. Like a dumbass I bought it anyway. Ate two bites and tossed it in the garbage. We will try again. I know Birchwood Cafe does an amazing gluten free donut, but they’re always busy and so we haven’t braved that place in years. It’s time to head back.

After our errands we spent some time outside. We put the snowblower in the shed and pulled the bikes and scooters out. We snuck in a quick bike ride, then headed to see Cinderella with some friends. It is such a cute movie! I’ve seen all the variations of that movie and I love them all. I loved the backstory in this one, as well as the fairy godmother. Go see it!

Sunday morning started out at church. Every year the girls have some sort of milestone. Last year I think we helped out during the service? This year they led the Lord’s Prayer. We aren’t necessarily at Sunday school every week, but we try to get there as often as we can. It’s been good to see their relationship with prayer and God evolve as they get older.

After church Caden and I dropped Delaney off at a birthday party, then headed to the library. As she was picking out books, a woman told me they had two therapy dogs coming in that the kids could read to. Wouldn’t you know, one dog was a golden retriever. Caden read her two books while I got my golden fix in. 

 We packed even more into our Sunday and headed out west to celebrate my oldest niece’s birthday. Seventeen. It’s crazy. The cousins ran around while the grown ups talked, then we headed back home again.

2 responses to “Weekend!

  1. Grammy says:

    For a second I thought that was Lucy! The doggie looks pretty content having Caden read to her.

  2. Amanda says:

    I know it’s not the same as being able to go to a cafe, but I bought this book and started making our own donuts:

    Claire loves to help make them, and no one cares that they’re gluten free. Also, since they’re not fried, they’re (slightly) healthier! We made the classic glazed buttermilk and the cinnamon-sugar ones. The latter are SO GOOD.

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