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Tiny Bits

on March 11, 2015

* The girls have been asking me to take the backs off their booster car seats for ages, but Caden either didn’t weigh 40 lbs, or wasn’t consistently 40 lbs so I said no. She’s been eating a lot at breakfast lately and seemed to be going through a growth spurt, so she hopped on the scale and she’s now 42 lbs! But I still didn’t really want to take the backs off, so I consulted the internet and found that high back boosters aren’t necessarily safer than backless, so I’m giving in and taking the backs off. It feels oddly anticlimactic given how long we’ve been going back and forth over this.

* We’ve gone for three walks in three days! Annie is getting better on the leash, although still not great. The Humane Society has no space in their dog obedience classes, but I found another local place that does have space. I’m excited to get her some training!

* I have a call in to a piano teacher, but I’m a little nervous I bought a piano in the spring, right when everyone is wrapping up their lessons for the year and doing recitals. Oops. Caden and I have been walking through the basic piano books and she is doing really well. I’m hoping we can do lessons over the summer, because I’m definitely not a piano teacher.

* I’m a little burned out on meal planning. I feel like there are meals I want to make, and meals I think the girls will eat, and neither the two shall meet. Here’s hoping summertime and the reappearance of the grill will provide inspiration.

3 responses to “Tiny Bits

  1. Laraf123 says:

    I’m burned out on meal planning too. Even when I change the menu per their request , the boys still don’t eat half of what’s on their plates. Ugh!

    • Erin says:

      I once asked Delaney what she wanted for dinner and she said “Pizza Luce!” Of course they’d rather eat out than eat my cooking!

  2. […] I finally connected with the piano teacher and yep, she was right at the end of her lessons. She said she could have done lessons with them for six weeks, but they would likely forget everything over the summer so she suggested we wait until fall. […]

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