The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

So. Mad.

on March 10, 2015

Caden is in a bit of a selfish phase right now. I’m sure if she swings into this phase in 10 years it will be maddening, but right now it just makes me laugh.

A few nights ago Delaney woke up from a bad dream at 2:30am and climbed into bed with me. Never one to be left behind, Caden followed her. I don’t mind if the girls crawl in bed with me, but I do have one rule – I will not be the pickle in the middle. That is a sure recipe for zero sleep. Unfortunately, Caden wanted to sleep by me, but Delaney had already claimed that spot. I told her to climb in on the other side, but she didn’t like that because she couldn’t sleep by me OR the dog. I mumbled something in response to which she said “I cannot BELIEVE this family!” Ha.

Delaney has been coughing when she goes to bed for a week or so. We’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on, since she doesn’t cough during the day. Sunday night I went in to give her one more pillow to see if propping her up would help. We were rearranging things when Caden popped her head up and said “What about me?” I said “You aren’t coughing Caden, and you have a pillow. You’re fine.” She didn’t like that answer and huffed and puffed some more. I told her “Caden, everything isn’t always about you.” She very quickly said “I know! And it makes me SO! MAD!”

On. fire.

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