The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 6, 2015

Early in February the girls were telling my mom and me what they wanted for their birthday. None of their ideas were much of a surprise until they said they wanted an alarm clock for their room. They have a clock on their wall, and a tiny digital clock, but neither work when they want to see what time it is in the dark. I thought it was a good idea, then promptly forgot about it when everyone asked for birthday ideas.

After their birthday we had a few presents to return at Target, so the plan was to use that money to buy an alarm clock. I think most people have moved away from alarm clocks and use their phones, because our selection was slim. I still have one because I like being able to see what time it is at a glance. Also? I like waking up to the radio. Anyway, they basically had two choices. One with a large display (perfect for being able to see from the top bunk) and another that glowed like a night light. Large display won!

We set the alarm, but it’s not like they wake up to it. We had been using the alarm on their iPod for a few weeks, but the problem with that was that the iPod was never actually in their room. Even still, they sleep right through the alarm. Eventually, maybe.

Their favorite part is the radio. They have a little dance party each night, and again in the mornings. They come downstairs to tell me which song came on that they had to dance and sing along to. Eventually, they fall asleep to the radio. I thought for sure the radio would keep them up, but it doesn’t seem to keep them up any longer than their usual shenanigans do. And now, they can tell me exactly what time they turn everything off and go to sleep!

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