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Happy Birthday Caden & Delaney

on March 3, 2015


Happy Birthday girls.

I keep waiting to get super sentimental or weepy about you two turning seven, but it’s not happening. I loved reminiscing with your grandparents about the day you were born but truly, I find that most of all I’m EXCITED about seven. I think it started back in Chicago. The three of us had so much fun, and that trip was something all of us had input on. It really felt like a family thing, rather than something that I planned and you two tagged along on. In that trip, I saw all of our future travel together and it got me so excited.

This year we added Annabelle to our family and she loves the two of you something fierce. I love watching the three of you together, and love it even more when she very clearly chooses one of you over me. She loves nothing more than to curl up in your lap and chill.

It’s getting late and I still need to blow up balloons and decorate your room so I will end with this. I hope this next year is amazing. I hope you continue to find joy in the little things, and that you continue to love the things that make you laugh. I hope your friendships stay strong, and that you learn to look past the little thing that get in the way of them. I hope you continue to love math and reading and science and learning all the things. And lastly, I hope you continue to tell me the important, and the not so important parts of your day.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Caden & Delaney

  1. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday Caden and Delaney — wishing you an awesome kind of day!! I, too, remember the day you were born, it was pretty exciting. Love to you today and always.

  2. Damita says:

    Happy Birthday little ladies! It’s been great watching you grow up through this blog. I feel like I know you personally. The best to you in this year and for many years to come.

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