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Birthday Weekend!

on March 2, 2015

The girls birthday is tomorrow, so this was birthday weekend. Friend party on Saturday, family party on Sunday.

When they turned four we did a big friend party and a big family party. I was birthday prepping for weeks beforehand. When they turned five we did a smaller family party and no friend party. I was clearly burned out from the year before. For six we did a friend party and no family party, which I hated. I vowed to do better this year.

This year I wanted to get back to having both parties, without going overboard with either. Aside from a timing mishap on Saturday, I think we achieved that.

The friend party was a Glamour party at the local blow dry bar. This was a super fun party to plan! All of the girls got their hair curled.

caden hair

They got a swipe of color, and I made pipe cleaner tiaras for everyone.

laney crown

While half of the girls were getting their hair done, the other half were in the VIP room decorating their picture frame (wood frames from Michaels that we painted a few weekends ago) or getting their nails done. If I did this party again I would skip painting nails. It was too dark to see, and there wasn’t enough time for the nails to dry, so they were getting smudged. We also had pink glitter popcorn and applesauce squeezers for them to eat. No one liked the popcorn, everyone loved the applesauce. Of course they did.

picture frame

The kids had an awesome time, and the hour and a half absolutely flew by. My mom was there to help, as was my friend Amy. I could not have done this party without either of them. With ten 7-year-olds someone constantly needed something, so three adults was essential. Thank you so much to both of you! Amy also took pictures the entire time which was awesome! After each girl was glammed up, she took a picture of them in the queen chair. When we send thank you cards out, I’ll include that picture so they can put it in the frame they decorated.


The family party on Sunday was fabulous. I did a taco bar which came together really easily, without a ton of cooking. My mom and I had hit Trader Joe’s on Saturday and picked up some beer and a bottle of sangria, which I happily drank all afternoon. We got to see family we haven’t seen since Mexico, and the cousins came so the kids got to play. It really was perfection. It was all so relaxed and happy, I loved it.

cake 1

Photobomb! The girls asked for a chocolate birthday cake with frosting that wasn’t too sweet. Done. Chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse filling, and a whip cream frosting. Those flavors work perfectly together. Everyone loved it, even the people who don’t love chocolate.

caden bday 1

They got really thoughtful gifts. My aunt Lisa got them both dolphin necklaces because they swam with the dolphins in Mexico. Caden cannot wait to wear hers! My parents got them a hammock swing like the one we fell in love with in Mexico, and they got some awesome crafts.

grandparents birthday

It was fun to talk through the day they were born. My parents were such a huge part of that day, and have been such a huge part of their lives since. My mom spent all day Saturday with us running errands, frantically making pink popcorn, and corralling kids. Then she came back up on Sunday with taco meat in tow, as well as folding tables. Thank you so much for all of your help! We wouldn’t be where we are without your love and support.

3 responses to “Birthday Weekend!

  1. Grammy says:

    When I think back 7 years and all of the unknowns and the maybes —- And now we have two beautiful seven year olds that delight us every day. That is something to celebrate!

  2. Amy says:

    It’s so hard to believe they’re 7! What a fun, fun weekend. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Love seeing the pictures. Love seeing my dear friends with the girls. Definitively remember the day these beauties were born and the days following. U r a fantastic mama, Erin.

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