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Dairy Free

on February 26, 2015

Back in June when I did the Whole30, the last thing I expected to learn from it was that I was lactose intolerant. I knew ice cream gave me a stomach ache, but I was fine with everything else wasn’t I? I lost a pound a day for the first six days of the Whole30. I was in shock and completely astonished. I’m not somewhat who drops weight easily or quickly, so to lose six pounds in six days was mind boggling. The first thing I did when I went off the Whole30 was drink a vanilla latte. The next thing that happened was I got a massive stomach ache.

I’ve been dealing with food intolerances long enough to know that I needed to pay attention to dairy, and sure enough, the next few times I ate it my stomach hurt, I was bloated, and my gut was clearly unhappy with me. Within a few days of eating dairy I gained the six pounds back. WHAT? I went off dairy, lost the six pounds, and all was good again.

Being gluten free is difficult but doable. Being dairy free is difficult but doable. Putting both of them together makes things a lot more difficult. Out went quesadillas and enchiladas from our regular menu rotation. Most of the salads I love had cheese in them. Greek yogurt for a quick snack? No more. I quickly realized how much I leaned on dairy for a quick snack or to augment a dish and knew that I needed to learn how to make different choices when I was out in restaurants, as well as cooking at home.

As difficult as all of this can be, I feel a million times better so it’s absolutely worth it. After the Whole30 I dropped a few more pounds and am back in the weight range that I feel comfortable in. A coworker stopped by my office yesterday and commented that I looked like I’ve lost a lot of weight. This is not the first time I’ve heard this. When your body cannot tolerate a food, its response is to be inflamed. If you’re eating that food every day, your body is chronically inflamed. By removing dairy, my body was able to calm down. Except for last Easter when I was at my heaviest, I’m at the weight that I’ve been for the majority of the last five years, but my face is no longer puffy and inflamed, so I look skinnier.

I think there are plenty of people out there who can tolerate dairy and plenty who can tolerate gluten. But if you think you’re one of those who can’t, know that there is more on the other side than a whole list of foods you can’t eat. I cook my eggs in bacon fat, I top my hamburgers with mushrooms, onions, and avocado, my clothes actually fit, and I feel good in this body. It may be hard, it may require more planning, but it’s worth it.

3 responses to “Dairy Free

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome! I’m ending the second week of Prescribe Nutrition, which is no dairy/gluten/processed sugar. For the last two months I had been feeling super low-energy, bloaty, and had regular headaches. 100% of my bloat is gone and my skin looks amazing. I accidentally ate some grapefruit slices with 11g of sugar last week and I could HEAR THE BUZZING in my head and had a headache half an hour later. I couldn’t believe how immediate it was.

    We’ve been mostly gluten-free for a long time – though much more lax just prior to me going on PN – and I’m realizing that I don’t really eat that much dairy, but the sugar thing is the one I’m going to be the most careful with at the end of the program. There are tons of options for baking that aren’t processed sugar, so I don’t even feel like I’m missing out!

    • Erin says:

      Oh my gosh yes! Sugar is another huge one that I’ve seriously cut back on and has had such amazing side effects. It has really evened out my hormones and moods too.

      For baking I use a lot of honey or bananas. It’s amazing what you can do without sugar!

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