The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Birthday Eve Week

on February 25, 2015

The girls birthday is next Tuesday, with their parties this weekend. Once the girls decided on their friend party, all of the details for that have come together fairly easily. I have a few things to do to prep for that, but overall it’s been fairly relaxed on the party prep side. So much so that I keep wondering if I’m missing something!

My client is in town this week so last night we headed to the Mall of America. My kids seem to find their way out with us every time she is in town, and last night was no exception. We grabbed dinner, then hit some rides. The plan was for her and her daughter to shop and we would head home. Except we hit a few more rides, and then H&M was right there so we went in to see if they had any cute dresses for their birthday party.

Definitely being in a mall made it difficult not to shop, especially the MOA. Party dresses had been on my mind the last few weeks, but I felt like we could make something work from their closet, rather than buy new. H&M is very hit or miss for us, so I knew it could easily be a bust, but both girls found something cute for $6 each, so I bought them. It was annoying to me that I caved so easily and bought them clothes, but also a good lesson to learn that it’s better for me to just stay away from the malls. (I also bought them Toms shoes when Zulily had them on sale last week, but those are staple shoes for Delaney year round, so that’s a reasonable purchase.)

After the clothes purchase we hit Sabon for some lotion and then headed home. It was a really nice night with my client and her daughter, and a really nice night with my own two girls. Most of our evenings are dinner and homework then bed, and it was nice to just hang out and wander around for once.

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