The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Love Languages

on February 19, 2015

A long time ago I read the 5 Love Languages book (is there one about your kids? I think I read that one). It was intriguing and made so much sense. At the time the girls were too young for me to really hone in on just one love language, but as they’ve grown older it’s very clear their love language is touch. They love to snuggle, love to sleep with each other or with me, and really need that physical touch. It’s something I’m very conscious of and try to make time for every day.

As well as I know them? They know me equally as well. My love language is totally acts of service/time. Want to show me you love me? Help out around the house with the millions of projects (my parents know my love language as well!).

Valentine’s morning the girls were up early and hustling and bustling about the house. They’re old enough to not get into trouble so I went back to sleep. They were busy bees! They got dressed, then cleaned up and organized the house. They cleared the mess of stuff off the dining table, they cleared the mess off the coffee table in the basement, they organized their toys and art supplies in the living room, and completely picked up their bedroom and made their beds. They know what makes Mama happy – a clean house!

It was the sweetest gesture. I love that they knew what would really make me happy, and seriously, it was such a help. As they get older, they are taking more initiative around the house, especially with organizational things. I’m an organized person, but I’m more apt to throw things away, whereas they are good at putting things away in places that make sense. We complement each other well.

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