The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

All the tiny things

on February 18, 2015

* Thank you so much for the chapter book suggestions! I found Boxcar Children and a few Minecraft books on Kindle Unlimited and the girls are THRILLED to have new books to read.

* I am the worst salesperson you’ve ever seen, but the girls and I are totally getting into selling their Girl Scout cookies. We hit up my work, their old daycare, and a few friends before we ran out of the good cookies and had to restock. Tonight after dinner we’re going to hit up a few neighbors, and I’m hoping to sell a bunch more at work on Friday. It totally helps that they are the easiest thing ever to sell!

* When I got Lucy it was June, I was single and kidless, and had all the time in the world to take her to dog parks and socialize her. Annabelle, not so much. We took her to our friends house on Monday night to meet their dogs and she’s a little bit of a nervous nellie. We definitely need to get her to some dog parks this spring so she gets used to being around other dogs.

* While Annabelle doesn’t mind her crate, it’s obvious she would much rather spend her days on my bed looking out the window. Yesterday morning she made herself as small as possible on my pillow on the off chance we wouldn’t see her and she could skip her crate for the day. No dice, since I don’t trust her not to chew up random things. However, maybe someday? I would love to get that crate out of my bedroom.

* The girls were off Monday for President’s Day and it was so nice to have a three day weekend. Just knowing that I had an extra day to get things done was motivating for me to tackle some projects with the girls that I wouldn’t normally tackle. The craft for their birthday party is now ready to go, and we did some science experiments that were super fun. All with plenty of time to get the house back in order by Monday evening.

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