The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on February 12, 2015

ab 1

Considering Annabelle is still a puppy, it always amazes me how much she loves to sleep.** She occasionally has bursts of energy where she runs around like a crazy dog, but mostly she wants to lay on top of someone or be held. Yesterday morning she had planted herself on Caden’s lap which was perfect for Caden because she was trying to convince me she should stay home from school. With Annabelle on her lap surely I didn’t expect her to move did I?

ab 2

I convinced them to move to the chairs so we could take some pictures. Annabelle started on Caden’s lap but that was no good for Delaney. AB needed to be on both of their laps.

ab 3

My smiling threesome! At least I think Annabelle is smiling. As soon as the girls got on the bus she hightailed it to my bed and slept the day away.

**When we were on vacation she went to a boarding place near us. They have web cams in the doggy daycare rooms which I love! We checked in on her every morning and afternoon. She was in the room with 10-15 other small dogs running around for 10 hours a day, playing the whole time. When we picked her up she was so exhausted she could barely wag her tail and slept for 44 out of the next 48 hours.

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