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Life with identical twins

Best friends forever

on February 11, 2015


I had to laugh when I took this picture. Delaney asked to sleep in my bed, but of course fell asleep on my pillow, with the dog curled up bu her feet. I moved the dog, then turned back to Delaney to try to move her over but Annabelle kept sneaking back in so I couldn’t. Finally, Annie just curled up next to Delaney’s head and that was that! No moving anyone.

One of the best, and possibly most unexpected things about Annabelle has been watching her relationship grow with the girls. Lucy was my dog, she was my shadow, she was my buddy. She loved the girls, but by the time they came along we had already had seven years together. Annabelle was only five months old when we got her. She’s growing up with the girls and the girls are old enough to be fun for her.

I love that while Annie loves me, she equally loves the girls. She will crawl in bed and snuggle with them, she crawls into their laps when they’re on the couch, and loves to chase them around the house. She’s small enough that she doesn’t overwhelm them which is awesome, because they’re a huge help in taking care of her. She tolerates it when they carry her around, and plays along willingly when they want to do “Doggy Daycare”.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that we found Annabelle and she found us. It’s been such a perfect match!

One response to “Best friends forever

  1. Grammy says:

    It was those brown eyes — and the ears! Who could resist?

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