The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

More Kleenex Please

on February 10, 2015

Everyone around here is sick. We all got colds last week, which of course got worse over the weekend. There has been lots of laziness around here, lots of tv, and the inevitable introduction to Minecraft.

Friday night we headed to a viewing of Frozen, on a frozen lake. So apropros right? Maybe not my best idea when we were all sniffling and sneezing but, I’ve been really trying to say yes whenever we are invited places and the girls were really excited so off we went. As we were driving towards the lake the girls were oohing and aahing (who doesn’t? It’s Wayzata! Plenty to ooh and ahh over) and couldn’t believe they have a Starbucks *and* a Yogurt Lab? We will definitely be back once it’s warmer. It was fun to watch the movie on a big screen, but I think we were the only group who camped out in chairs and watched the whole movie. The other kids came and went, although I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to sit on a cold floor for an hour and a half.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. Delaney brought home another cookbook from the library, so we made a few recipes from that. It’s amazing how a little powdered sugar will get them to eat an extra slice of french toast!


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