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Life with identical twins

Bullets instead

on February 5, 2015

* Both girls are doing very well in school, but it’s clear that Caden really loves reading and Delaney really loves math. Math just makes sense to Delaney, and it’s so crazy to watch her little mind work. She loves it when I give her story problems to work out, but Caden gets very frustrated if she doesn’t know the answer as well. And so, we don’t do them very often anymore.

* I think I’ll end up doing another Whole30 in March or April. I’ve been tired lately and just feeling off, I can’t help but wonder if I really cleaned up my eating what would happen. Right now I’m a little too into my steel cut oats and coconut creamer though.

* I’ve been trying to involve the girls in our menu planning each week, except instead of a meal idea they always request a restaurant they want to go to. I threw out a few ideas to Caden last night and she said “Yeah, I’m still thinking Noodles.”

* My cable bill went up an astonishing amount so I called Comcast prepared to cancel! But, I’ve been a customer for so long they quite readily found me a promotion that lowered my bill. As part of that, they upgraded my dvr box to the new X1 thing. Wow, it is nice. I’m not a fan of the guide, but the way they have yousearch and find tv shows to record or watch on demand is very slick.

* Birthday party planning has commenced. They have changed their mind multiple times on their friend party, but I think they are locked in now. Now to book and pull everything together!

3 responses to “Bullets instead

  1. Grammy says:

    The girls are most definitely a combination of you. Caden can tune out the whole world when she is reading and Delaney can compute those math problems in her head so fast I think she must have a calculator in her hand.

  2. Amanda says:

    I am doing a Prescribe Nutrition 20 with a co-worker starting February 15! You should do it with us! Seems way more do-able than Whole30, and the nutritionists are local.

    • Erin says:

      I actually want the strictness of the Whole30. I think there are some more foods that are irritating me, and the only way I’ll figure them out is to really eliminate them. Plus, after failing last time I kind of want to get all the way through! Good luck though. I think anything you do for 3 weeks will help cement new habits.

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