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Mexico wrap up

on February 2, 2015

Last Mexico post, I swear.


On our last morning at the house I commented that we should have kept some stats on our stay. Cooked 8 dozen eggs, 12 lbs of bacon, brewed 100 pots of coffee, drank 200 beers, etc. We did eggs and bacon for breakfast most mornings, and went through a lot of coffee. With 16 people in the house, you really have to be on your game to get a cup of coffee before the 12 cup pot runs out! Personally, I felt like we had a nice balance between cooking at home and going out to eat. We had a private chef come in two days and it was so nice not to have to leave the house and find a restaurant everyone could agree on for dinner. Plus they cleaned up and we had the leftovers! (When we could find them in the fridge.)


The one thing everyone was most confused about before the trip was how much in pesos to bring. Most of us brought some pesos, some dollars, and figured we would put anything else on a credit card. The problem was, most places didn’t take credit cards. That took us a bit by surprise. It may have been where we were (smaller town, not a huge tourist place), but you definitely needed cash, preferably pesos.

That said, I absolutely loved that we were in a smaller town, because we had access to a lot of local food and there were tons of gluten free and dairy free options. Most meals were some sort of meat/seafood, rice, and beans with corn tortillas. I was in heaven. One restaurant had all gluten free dishes labeled on their menu and there were more gf items than not! That never, EVER happens in the US. I generally have two or three options, so it was so nice to be able to eat all the things.


I also totally misread the weather report. It was saying high of 80, low of 60 or 65 each day. That sounded … chilly? When in reality, it wasn’t at all. Because of the humidity it felt super warm all day. I thought we’d need pants and sweatshirts in the evenings, but a little cardigan did the trick for me. I also packed way too many t-shirts and shorts. We spent most days in our swim suits, changing for dinner at night. We probably had a suitcase worth of clothes we could have left at home.


Our room was in the casita or guest house. I made a million trips back and forth from the main house because I kept forgetting things, but being off in our own little room was really nice. It gave us some nice quality family time, even on a trip with 13 other people. Towards the end of the trip my grandpa asked if the girls ever argued. Ha! They definitely do, but they were incredibly well behaved on this trip while in front of the family.

And lastly, even if you pay for expensive excursions with dolphins and snorkeling, your kids favorite memories will be of the stray animals that they made friends with.

One response to “Mexico wrap up

  1. Scott Grunst says:

    Makes me feel all warm inside to know that the future generations of Grunst’s will be animal lovers. Don’t ever lose the love for the pure spirit of animals, they will show us the way.

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