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The Beach

on January 30, 2015

surfer girl

One afternoon we all ended up out in the ocean. No one was snorkeling, we just hung out and talked and the guys threw a ball around. The water wasn’t deep, but it was too deep for the girls. So Delaney paddled around like a little surfer girl on a boogey board. With her aqua bikini matching the water, we all cracked up because she looked like she was about to hop up on her board and surf.

surfer laney-4

She’s just so at home in the water. It’s definitely her happy place.

delaney beach-7

body surf-11

Our last full day in Mexico it was really windy. The beach in front of our house was full of sea weed, so we headed down a bit to watch the guys body surf. I thought the waves were too big for the girls, but Grammy got Delaney out there and she loved it.

body surf-14

body surf-21

Eventually Caden was intrigued enough that she came into the water as well.

body surf-26

The waves were pretty big, they got knocked over a few times!

body surf-37

I snapped a bunch of pictures, handed the camera to my dad, and then headed into the water with Delaney.

body surf-41

By this time she was salt water logged. She wanted to be in the surf, just not all by herself.

body surf-42

Our crew! We’re missing a few (I think Sam was sleeping? and a few were still in the waves). We miss all of you!

body surf-43

As we were walking back to the house I had to stop and take a picture of the sky. So beautiful, with the sun peeking through.

This vacation definitely made me think about moving somewhere warm again. The girls talked about moving to Mexico nonstop the first few days. Life is just easier when it’s warm out, although it didn’t hurt to have a pool and an ocean out your back door. Moving away from our family just isn’t in the cards for us, so we’ll just have to prioritize warm weather travel every winter.

One response to “The Beach

  1. MandyE says:

    Stopping by from How Do You Do It? 🙂 What an awesome vacation!!! We haven’t taken our girls (just turned six) to the beach yet. I’m hoping we can make a trip this summer. We’re definitely thinking the Caribbean, too.

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