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Zip Lining and Swimming with Dolphins

on January 29, 2015

One of the things I promised the girls was that we would swim with the dolphins in Mexico. They are both animal lovers and were beyond excited for this part of the trip. We booked a Dolphin Xtreme day with one of the nearby adventure places where we would swim in a cenote, rappel, zip line through the trees, swim with the dolphins, and feed the manatees. Oh! And they fed us a lunch! It was an all day activity.


My Mom, Dad, and Uncle Scott came along with us. The cenote was cool and yet disappointing. So cool being down in a cave, but there were no fish so when you snorkeled all you saw were rocks and legs.


Next up was rappeling down a 60 foot wall. My mom, Caden, and Delaney sat this one out. The three of us hustled to the front of the line so we could be first. Our guide was awesome and gave great instructions, but still that part where you have to lower yourself down to 90 degrees was a little anxiety inducing!



The next activity was zip lining. Caden was immediately out, but Delaney was intrigued. I kept telling Delaney it would be like swinging through the trees. She got all hooked up in her harness but got spooked at the first tower. There were four towers, and I told her she only needed to do the first one. Truthfully, I’m not sure how she would have gotten back if she would have wanted out after that, but after one run she was super game to keep going. (She was third in our group to go and the entire group cheered for her so loudly when she zipped off. It was awesome.) But, because she was so little she wasn’t heavy enough to make it to the end of the cable, and the guides had to go out and get her. Seeing her little legs dangling was no fun for me! But it was awesome to see her smiling when I got to her tower. The last run is the fastest and longest, but would have been difficult for her to do on her own so we did it tandem which I loved.

This was a pretty brave thing for her to do, there were more than a few adults who were thinking twice about it. I was insanely proud of her! And insanely happy that it ended well, because if she had gotten to that first tower and been crying I would have felt Awful.


After lunch they drove us into a nearby town to do the dolphin swim. Both girls were all smiles for the whole thing.


I wasn’t sure how much we would actually be able to do with the dolphin. You do interact with it quite a bit, but it’s always for short periods of time.


It was so cool to get pulled like this and feel the dolphin’s body next to you swimming and swimming.


After swimming with the dolphins it was probably 2:30 or so? And I was done. It had been a long and fun day, and I just wanted something to drink and to be able to relax. But, we had the manatees left! I honestly tried to talk everyone into skipping this, but they persevered and I’m glad they did. It was the girls favorite part of the day! There were two adult manatees and two baby manatees, and they were all up in your business wanting to be fed and petted. Unlike the dolphins, we weren’t as restricted in our interactions with them which is what the girls liked. They were a little slimey, but super fun to feed because they would grab your leg with their flippers.

One response to “Zip Lining and Swimming with Dolphins

  1. Grammy says:

    What a day for crossing things off your bucket list. Caden and I were thankful rapelling and ziplining were not on our list. Both girls were so brave. I will never forget the look on Laney’s face when she came ziplining in through the jungle. Even grandparents enjoyed swimming with Elena, the dolphin. Looking at the girls’ happy faces – I think the $100 photographer fee was well worth it. An experience of a lifetime!

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