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Life with identical twins

The Pool!

on January 28, 2015

You might think that with the ocean 30 yards away, a pool is a bit redundant, but you’d be wrong. We swam in the pool a ton, and by we I mostly mean the kids, although the adults definitely got in there as well. The ocean was gorgeous and the water was warm, but there was a drop off not far out, and lots of rocks, so it wasn’t an ideal place for the girls to really swim. Also, salt water is more difficult to swallow than pool water. The pool wasn’t heated (and was on the chilly side) and was also in the shade (which worked to our advantage when I wanted the girls out of the sun), but it was the perfect size and it was all ours! It’s so nice not to have to play around other people!

snorkel swim-5

snorkel swim-6

The girls learned how to snorkel in the pool. There was an extra set of snorkel gear at the house that they tried out, and once they got the hang of it (and loved it!) I bought Delaney a kid sized mask and snorkel. They were both total naturals. They could just relax and breathe and swim. Delaney snorkeled in the ocean twice (and was able to see a bunch of fish!) but Caden would only do it in the pool. She got nervous in the deeper water.

snorkel swim-10

It was crazy watching their swimming skills evolve over the week. It took them a day to get comfortable, and by the end of the week they were diving and doing crazy things I swear they weren’t doing last summer!

water volleyball-6

water volleyball-8

One of the days was really windy, so we pulled together a huge game of water volleyball in the pool. The girls were in heaven and had so much fun playing with the adults! It’s one of my favorite memories of the trip.

caden read

caden kindle

We hung at the house quite a bit, just relaxing in the sun and swimming. Delaney was a total water bug and was in the pool whenever possible. Caden would swim for a while, but then she either got bored or cold and would get out, grab the kindle and cozy up with a book. I’m a huge reader (and spent most of my time in a deck chair by the pool reading a book and watching them swim) so I love that she loves to read and would get excited to finish one of her books.

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